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Looking To Hire Heavy-Duty Diesel Equipment? Here’s A Checklist Of All You Need To Know

Looking To Hire Heavy-Duty Diesel Equipment? Here’s A Checklist Of All You Need To Know

Hiring heavy-duty diesel equipment could be incredibly beneficial for your business. This is because it could become an extremely cost-effective solution for your construction project due to being both budget and time friendly. However, not everyone knows exactly what to look for when hiring out the machinery of this nature. This blog will give you a checklist of all you need to know when hiring heavy-duty diesel equipment and explain why these points matter.

At HDD Solutions, we understand the hiring process well and are experts at providing a reliable, professional hiring solution for our mining clients in the Wangara region.

What Type of Machinery Do You Need?

What Type of Machinery Do You Need?

This is an important consideration when looking to hire machinery. There are different types of heavy-duty equipment available for hire, so it will depend on the type of job you have as to what you get a lease with. The most common types are:

  • Mining Drills.Drills are used for underground mines to access the rocks or minerals underneath the earth’s surface.
  • Earth Movers.These are used above the soil to carry loose soil and earth from one location to another.
  • Blasting Tools.Blasting is one of the most hazardous elements of working in a mine, so the equipment you use must be up to standard.
  • Crushing Equipment.This is used to crush any rock or stone that’s needed. It’s designed to speed up the operation while reducing resource use and eliminating the amount of material on the project site.

The Location of the Company

We recommend looking at when looking at a lease for your equipment, you consider the location of the company you’re hiring from. This is because hiring equipment is not the easiest of tasks, especially when it is the heavy machinery that mining requires. When looking at leasing from a company, you need to bear in mind that any considerable distance will add to your administrative paperwork and budget costs. Transportation of such heavy machinery will be expensive, so if there is a business local to you, rent their vehicles.

Make Sure It’s a Wet-Hire

Wet hires are really beneficial for businesses. It means that you not only hire the machine out but a qualified operator too. This operator will be responsible for the maintenance of the equipment, as well as operating it day to day. You should also consider whether repair and maintenance will be included in your lease, as these can be costly processes if not done correctly.

The Equipment is in Good Condition

The Equipment is in Good Condition

This is a vital process before you sign any lease or agreement. Any machinery you hire should be in good working order. If you or whoever is needed to lease the equipment lack the technical experience to create a fair assessment of the vehicles and parts, then ask the rental company to take you through everything you need to know. Or, ask the contractor who will be using the machinery to make their own assessment.

The Reviews Matter

Reviews are so important, particularly when leasing equipment like this. Mining is a dangerous industry, so it’s important that companies get the support they need to operate as efficiently and safely as possible. A great leasing company will have reviews to match. Either look online, in trade and consumer magazines or alternatively, ask other local mining companies who they lease from. It pays to do your research here.

Make Sure The Customer Service is Up To Standard

With any type of wet lease, you need high-quality customer service. If a machine breaks, needs a repair, or you simply have a question about the machine you’re renting, you need quick answers that are informative and caring.

Hiring any type of machinery can be an arduous process. However, you must research properly before signing a lease when looking for a heavy equipment rental company. This checklist should be a good starting point for you to start your own research process into a leasing agreement with any heavy-duty diesel equipment hire company.

At HDDSOL Solutions, we aim to provide our clients with cost-effective hiring and repair solutions. Please get in touch today if you want high-quality machine repairs with a friendly and expert diesel staff. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your current underground fleet requirements and provide the heavy diesel solutions you have been looking for.


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