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Minimise Downtime With Mining Equipment Parts Inventory Management

A key cause of downtime and loss of productivity in underground mines is equipment failure. You can minimise the time taken to repair your equipment and return it to full productivity by maintaining a stock of key underground mining parts and components.

Introducing inventory management techniques and ensuring key staff are trained in the necessary processes could mean you reduce downtime to the bare minimum.

We explain how important maintaining adequate levels of key equipment parts can be and identify methods to ensure your mine has maximum effectiveness and profit levels.

The Role of Underground Mining Parts in Reducing Downtime

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Equipment Failures and Their Impact on Operations

Equipment failures in underground mining equipment affect productivity and profits. They cause delays and may be a safety risk. Common causes of equipment malfunctions include

  • wear and tear: probably accelerated by the harsh mining environment,
  • improper use of equipment: caused by lack of training or failure to enforce processes
  • inadequate maintenance schedules – too long between equipment services or inspections resulting in issues not being noticed and acted upon.

Mine managers can develop more systems to prevent or reduce these risks.

Key Components and How to Manage Them

Being aware of the components most likely to fail will help ensure continuous operations in underground mining. Parts such as drill bits, crushers, conveyors, and hydraulic supports are under constant stress and are more likely to cause breakdowns.

A simple way to reduce the risk of these components delaying production is to maintain a stock of all the essential mining equipment parts.

Inspections and Maintenance

Regular, scheduled checks on equipment and key components, plus preventive maintenance schedules will extend the useful life of the mining equipment and ensure worn parts are identified and replaced or repaired before they fail.

By understanding the potential for equipment failure and having a process to identify and manage key components, underground mining operations can help ensure better efficiency and safety standards.

Enhancing Your Inventory Management for Operational Excellence

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Effective inventory management is key to ongoing productivity and effective operations in an underground mine. The use of effective inventory management, by well-trained resources can result in a reduction in downtime and an increase in productivity.

Best Practices in Inventory Management

  • Techniques for Effective Stock Level Optimisation
    The best way to ensure you are effectively managing your inventory of essential parts and components is to ensure you always have the optimum stock levels.

    Overstocking can lead to capital expenditure which may be better used elsewhere, whereas understocking means you run the risk of costly downtime.

    One method used to anticipate needs involves the use of historical data and forecasts from your technical experts. This will help managers to plan required stock levels based on seasonal variations and known project demands.

    Low turnover of inventory may suggest you are overstocking or have obsolete stock. Regular reviews and adjustments of stock levels ensure the inventory is optimised and sufficient to meet operational demands without delay.

  • Software Solutions for Inventory Tracking and Management
    IT inventory management systems offering real-time tracking of your stock provide an overview of parts availability, condition, and location.

    Attaching RFID tags to essential parts can deliver precise tracking and location data. These technologies assist in decision-making providing instant notice of potential inventory shortages or surpluses.

    Cloud-based inventory management systems enable remote access from multiple locations and provide the opportunity for remote management of stock levels. These systems also offer collaboration across departments and locations, ensuring all stakeholders have current information on your inventory status.

Training for Inventory Personnel

  • Esential Training for Your Inventory Management Team
    Documented processes and training are essential for providing staff with the skills, tools and knowledge to manage your inventory. Processes and training must be updated when necessary to ensure you have the latest technology and follow current protocols in your industry and your business.
  • Role of Diesel Fitters and Technicians
    Diesel fitters and technicians have the skills and experience to assess the condition of parts and decide whether to repair or replace them.Training these professionals in your inventory management processes will help ensure your stock levels remain in optimal condition.Feedback from your team can also inform inventory decisions, such as identifying parts failing more often than expected and thus requiring higher stock levels.

Quality Assured Underground Mining Parts from HDD Solutions

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At HDD Solutions, we understand the importance to you of having minimal downtime. Our team offers

  • Expertise and Experience
    we have years of experience in the underground mining industry and sourcing the parts and components you will need.
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    we only stock parts from partners with the best reputation to ensure the reliability of your equipment
  • Fast Turnaround
    When you do need a replacement part, our speedy turnaround time helps you remain productive.
  • Dedicated Support
    Our team are ready to offer support and technical guidance
  • Customer Satisfaction
    We take pride in our service.

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